Window films

3M™ window films are products available on the market for over 50 years. Since then, the 3M™ brand has become the leading manufacturer of these products on the global market. Currently, it offers a huge selection of various window films characterized by many functionalities that significantly increase comfort in interiors.

Why use window films

Lower maintenance fees

3M™ window films can reduce operating costs related to electricity consumption by up to 28%. This is related to lower power consumption for air conditioning and ventilation of facilities, in which these systems are responsible for up to 60% of the energy used. It is worth adding that reducing the temperature in rooms by 1oC costs 3-4 times more than heating a building by 1oC. As a result of the use of 3M™ window films, electricity consumption is reduced by up to 205kWh per 1m2 per year, which allows you to return the investment after 3 years.

Comfort of use

An important issue in the rooms is the appropriate temperature level that ensures the possibility of effective work or a comfortable rest. Thermal discomfort adversely affects the users of rooms, and an overloaded system of air conditioning and ventilation can become the main problem in terms of high costs of using the facility.

3M™ window films stabilize the room temperature by reducing its height by up to 5oC in direct exposure to the sun. What’s more, thanks to the use of Thinsulate™ technology, as a result of insulation of window panes, in the winter they let you keep the heat in the building.

Interior protection

3M™ window films also provide greater protection for the building. Selected models prevent the visibility of the interior from the street, which limits the access of curious looks of passers-by. They also make glass panels more resistant to breakage and protect the interior against burglary. The advantage of 3M™ window films is also the reflection of ultraviolet radiation (up to 99%), which causes fading of objects.

Adequate lighting for the building

3M™ window films are products conducive to the proper distribution of indoor lighting. Various models have been designed in such a way that they let the desired amount of light into the rooms – some guarantee high transparency and light transmission, others limit its access. The products presented in the 3M™ window film also allow to eliminate the problem of glare, which will be especially appreciated by people working at monitors.

Unique design

Window films available in our offer allow you to create a unique, personalized appearance of the building.

Products adapted to different needs

In our offer of 3M™ window films, we offer a variety of solutions, which provide the new functionalities of the windows. You will find here:

  • sun control window films, whose main task is to protect rooms from excessive sunlight;
  • sun control window films Thinsulate ™, which, beside of protection from excessive insolation, are additional interior insulation;
  • sun control window films plastic that limit access to sunlight, insulate and provide intimacy by limiting the visibility of rooms from outside the building;
  • safety and security window films, which beside of proper distribute lights for interiors, guarantee the increase of window resistance against break-in and breakage.

The use of 3M ™ window films

A wide selection of 3M™ window film models enables appropriate selection of products to the needs of the users of the building. Depending on the chosen model, they can be applied inside the rooms as well as on the outside window panes.

They are recommended especially where there are large glazed surfaces that expose the interior of objects to excessive sunlight – for example, glass office buildings, apartment buildings, etc. 3M™ window films are also a solution for objects where ultraviolet radiation destroying objects is a big problem – for example in museums.

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