Safety and protective foils

3M™ safety and security window films are products designed to protect window panes. High resistance to tensile and cracking means that after applying 3M ™ film, the glass does not splatter into small pieces under impact. In this way, the products increase the strength of window panes and protect the room users against possible injury. 3M ™ ULTRA series films, thanks to the multi-layer construction, are particularly burglary-proof and effectively prevent breaking the glass.

Additional advantages of 3M™ safety and security window films protect the interior against ultraviolet radiation and reduce of heat transfer from the outside while maintaining a large transmission of daylight.

Benefits of using 3M™ safety and security window films

Improving the safety of use

3M™ safety and security window films guarantee the safety of use. They protect people and property from broken glass in the event of glass breaking. They provide additional protection against burglary and breakage. Due to their multi-layered structure, they are flexible and resistant to tearing. At the same time, they keep the glass in one piece even after breaking down.

Presented films also protect the interior from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, minimizing the risk of fading objects.

Lower operating costs

The use of safety and security window films is also a guarantee of less solar energy transmission into the interior. As a result, it causes a reduction in temperature in places with direct sunlight, which promotes greater efficiency of air-conditioning and ventilation systems and results in lower bills for electricity consumption.

High comfort of use

Safety and security window films also help in optimal distribution of sunlight in the interior. They minimize the glare, what will be especially appreciated by people working at monitors.

The use of 3M™ safety and security window films

The presented products are perfect for places where glass is exposed to breakdown. They are recommended to apply in windows located on the ground floor, on balustrades, in public buildings or other places where there is a risk of burglary.

A wide range of 3M™ safety and security window films 

We strive to enable customers to choose from a wide range of films. In this way, you can choose those models that fully reflect your needs and meet your safety and security expectations.

The offer includes foils:

  • 3M ™ SAFETY – protecting window panes against damage;
  • 3M ™ ULTRA – 40 times higher tear resistance than standard films of the same thickness.

We offer products characterized by different thickness, different degrees of protection and a wide range of roll widths adapted to different sizes of window panes.

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