Foils for polycarbonate

Sun control window films for use on surfaces made of polycarbonate (PC) or acrylic (plexiglass) for application on the outer parts of window surfaces. Unlike other brands of sunscreens, they reflect sunlight while maintaining optical clarity.

Sun control window films used on polycarbonate or plexiglass have excellent adhering properties. They ensure intimacy by limiting the visibility of the interior from the outside. They were made in silver.

The benefits of plastic sun control window films 

Comfort of staying in rooms protected by sunscreens

Sun control window films intended for use on polycarbonate and plexiglass provide a high reflection coefficient of sunlight while ensuring adequate amount of daylight in the room. This makes the use of sunscreen responsible for the optimal distribution of light throughout the room. They also eliminate the glare, which is particularly appreciated by people working at computers. Films also foster the right temperature in protected interiors, causing a temperature reduction of up to 5oC in direct exposure to the sun.

Savings in operating expenses

Limiting the availability of solar radiation is also associated with lowering the risk of air heating in interiors. As a result, this leads to increased efficiency of air conditioning and ventilation systems inside the facility, which entails a reduction in operating costs related to electricity expenditure. The use of sunscreens allows you to reduce electricity consumption by up to 205 kWh per 1m2 of window area while providing a return on investment even after 3 years of operation. It is estimated that the use of sunscreens can result in savings on expenses for building cooling up to 28%.


Sunscreen films used on polycarbonate or plexiglass have excellent properties in blocking the access of ultraviolet radiation to the interior. This allows you to minimize the risk of fading elements of space equipment.

The use of sun control window films on polycarbonate panels

This type of sunscreen is dedicated for use on windows with polycarbonate or plexiglass panels. It will be used in office buildings, public facilities, museums and other places where excessive insolation of interiors occurs due to the use of large window panes. It requires the use of seals on all edges of the window.

Models of sunscreens for application on polycarbonate

In our offer you will find 3M™ sun control window film plastic Silver 15, which is available in rolls with widths of 1,219m and 1,524m, what allows you to adapt it to different sizes of window panes.

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