Sun control window films

3M™ Sun Control Window Film are designed to protect the interior from sunlight. Their task is to reflect sunlight while ensuring adequate optical transparency. They perfectly protect the interior against UV radiation and prevent heat transfer through the glass, which promotes the efficiency of air conditioning systems. At the same time they reduce glare and promote even distribution of daylight in the room.

Benefits of using 3M™ Sun Control Window Films

Lower costs for electricity

3M™ sun control window films are a perfect solution for objects with large glazed areas and exposed to excessive insolation. By blocking heat transfer foils provide up to 5°C lower temperature indoors in places with direct sunlight. In this way, they can reduce the heating of the interior through the glass by up to 80%. This function means that the air-conditioning and ventilation systems are much less used, which translates into savings of up to 205kWh per 1m2 of window area and provides a return on the investment already after 3 years of use.

Adequate lighting for rooms

3M™ sun control window films reflect solar radiation while providing the lighting expected by customers. The diverse construction of the products means that you can choose from transparent films, which do not restrict the transmission of light, to those that are slightly tinted or guarantee a sense of intimacy and protect from curious looks from the outside.

Foils reduce or eliminate glare or effect of reflections. This is particularly appreciated by people working at computers.

Higher comfort

Suitable thermal comfort, lighting adapted to the expectations of the rooms and the lack of glare and reflections make the films provide greater comfort the sunscreen-protected films.

Protection of equipment

3M™ sun control window films ensure extremely low transmission of ultraviolet radiation reflecting up to 99% of UV rays. The effect of this function is to protect the interior furnishings – furniture, decorations, finishing elements from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB radiation, which cause color fading.

The use of 3M™ sun control window films

3M™ sun control window films are products that are worth using in facilities exposed to high insolation. Perfect for glazed office buildings and other public facilities. At the same time, thanks to the blocking function of ultraviolet radiation, they are a sought after solution for museums, where the protection of collected exhibits from damage is of great importance.

The variety of models facilitates the selection tailored to the needs of users

In our portfolio of sunscreens, you will find models with different functionalities.

The offer includes foils from the series:

  • 3M ™ NEUTRAL – colorless;
  • 3M ™ SILVER – with a silver finish to protect the interior from prying eyes from the outside;
  • 3M ™ NICKEL – in nickel-colored, protecting from prying eyes from the outside;
  • 3m ™ NIGHT VISION – anthracite in color, also protecting the interior from prying eyes from the outside;
  • 3M ™ PRESTIGE – colorless, containing no metals, which protects them from corrosion; their feature is not to interfere with the operation of wireless devices.

They are available in a wide range of film thickness and roll widths adapted to different glass sizes.